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Updated Jan. 2005

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This web site is for a friend.
He calls me a 'xxxxxx tourist'. My reply is unprintable. It's Greek

Peroulades is one of the few unspoilt Greek villages left in Corfu. Peroulades is the main village of the local area. There is no large beach, like Sidari but many small ones and it has one of the finest views from the cliffs above Sunset Beach found anywhere on Corfu.

Many of the people in Peroulades work in Sidari or one of the other resorts. There are empty houses now. As you walk through the village you get the feeling of how it must have been before tourism. Yiannis taverna is an opportunity to sample part of the Greek way of life where most tavernas just cater for mass tourism. When the temperature is in the late 30's Yianni's Coffee Shop always seems cool. I am sure that Yianni's taverna will help the village into the 21st century yet still preserve the old Peroulades.

The Family.
Yiannis is married to Anastasia and they have a young son George and a younger daughter Effie. Anastasia's mother Christina helps with the cooking while grandad Nickos keeps an eye on everything and everybody. The family has lived in Peroulades for many generations. The taverna has been built up over the last 26 years and no doubt this winter will see a few more changes. George (2) the cook has a very good reputation in the area as he spent many years aboard cruise liners as a chief.

Now to the important bit. What is the food like?


The stuffed tomatoes and salad were both very nice. The salad is all home grown and the eggs are still warm from the chickens out the back. Yannis's pizza was very nice and the omelette tastes great (even if they do look like they have had an accident). The slouvaki (keybab) was lean and the chicken fillet was as good as anywhere in England. Wether Greek or English food it was all VERY good value for money.

I saw the Meze. and so did every other tourist who came over to have a look at this obscene monster. This is served for two with a salad, bread and home produced wine. The last night (2002) I was supposed to eat one but due to the liquid hospitality whilst saying goodby to friends I settled for another omelette.No problem. He really does tread his own grapes. I hope he takes his socks off.

Many locals from the village eat there and although only opened during the summer all day for the first time in 2001 so did quite a few tourists of several nationalities. I saw one Norwegian cycling couple tackle a Meze. They pushed their bicycles afterwards. An English couple have been going there for every day for two weeks twice a year for 19 years. I had hair then.

Almost every day we go there for coffee and breakfast (whether we wanted one or not). I will say that everything we ate tasted very good. Yianni's wine was very nice but not a good idea with a scooter. Definately well fermented but not dry. The locals bring a bottle to be filled up from the cask. They also pop their heads around the kitchen door and say hello. I think they like to see the Saturday night lamb being roasted. A lamb on a spit is almost a religious event to Corfuans.

The Taverna was known by the locals (and probably always will be) as 'The Coffee Shop'. A place where they meet before work and spend the evening eating, chatting, watching football, arguing about politics and wondering how the hell the tourists can walk around wearing shorts like that. Children are very welcome provided they sit quietly, drink their half litre of Ouzo & Coke and stab each other with keybab sticks gently. If it's late and Yianni is not too busy it's not uncommon to get a lift home.

The oven is not just for show - see photo's. It is used for mousaka, chicken, stuffed tomatoes, bread, etc. and something I have yet to try - Uvetse. I expect that many tourists know that there are normally two prices in a taverna or bar, one for the locals and one for tourists. Not at this taverna. It is a Greek taverna where tourists are always welcome. Yes, there is a huge television but it's mainly for the Saturday night football. If you ask nicely Yianni will find the UK news for you, that is unless you too have turned off. No problem.

Photo's of Yianni's taverna and Peroulades

Pat O'Toole - a recommendation
Hi, just a few words to say a big Thank You for your info on the net about Corfu. A group of us ( three semi-mature couples) went to Sidari for the week, so I was able to download some really good information before we went, which was very useful. We did try a couple of places you and others recommended but the reason I am e-mailing you is to let you know what a fantastic time we had with Yianni in Peroulades. He made us so welcome and the food was brilliant. We told him we had got his name and address from your site, Yanni says hes a little bugger, not sure if he meant you or himself? We spent three of our six nights with him and came away with homemade red wine and olive oil. They were so friendly, excellent food and company. Well recommended---THANKS!!!!!!!!!!
PS We tried the mezzi for two and the spit roast lamb, both excellent.

2003 - July
Yianni has always been one of the most genuinely friendly Greeks I have ever met. In 2001 I offered to help him with his taverna with a little web site. My way of saying thank you for those years of friendship. All I have to do now is to stop him pouring a Bacardi and coke that burns if you light it. About 70% Bacardi is a tad 'rich' Yianni. Actually George, his son, pours a very nice Bacardi and Coke. I do hope Yianni never reads this.

The last night we were there George II had cooked a lamb and we all sat ouside until the early hours eating it with salad, bread and home wine. What finer way to end a holiday.

2004 - September
Just a short time since Greece won the world cup. It was an interesting atmosphere in the Coffee Shop when Albania beat Greece 2 - 1. Perhaps my "come on you reds" was rather misplaced. The food as always was simple and good. My wife can't keep away from Yianni's salads. Please don't ask Yianni if he does an English Breakfast - he gets rather upset.
I wonder why?

To all those tourists who make that long walk from Sidari - thank you.
For all those who have not may I suggest that you try The Real Greece.

Yiannis's taverna is open for food, etc. from 7am until whenever. All year. Every day. Just Yianni and George serve.
English publicans please take note.

Yianni is at No.8 on this map - Peroulades.

Tel 0030 26630 95234 or 0030 2094 6527698

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